Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding embraces a charming, countryside-inspired aesthetic that is often characterized by natural elements, simplicity, and a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Consider rustic venues like barns, farms, or ranches that provide a natural and rustic backdrop. Look for venues with outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions.

Incorporate wooden elements such as farm tables, wooden signs, and log slices. Use mason jars as vases for wildflowers or candles. Decorate with vintage or antique items like old suitcases, lanterns, or vintage furniture.

Embrace a more casual look with cowboy boots for the bride or bridal party. Choose wedding dresses with lace details for a rustic and romantic look.

Ceremony Backdrop:
Decorate archways or arbors with flowers, greenery, and rustic materials. Hang decor elements like mason jars, flowers, or fairy lights from trees or wooden structures.

Food & Cake:
Opt for a farm-to-table menu with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Consider family-style or buffet dining for a communal atmosphere.
Prefer a naked cake with minimal frosting, adorned with fresh flowers or fruits.

Music & Entertainment:
Arrange for acoustic performances or live bands playing folk, country, or acoustic music. Create a relaxed and intimate musical ambiance. Set up lawn games like cornhole, horseshoes, or bocce ball for guests to enjoy.

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