Destination Wedding

A destination wedding involves getting married in a location away from the couple's hometown or residence. This type of wedding often combines the ceremony, reception, and sometimes the honeymoon in a unique and picturesque location. It often involves a smaller guest list, and guests may need to travel to attend. Held on a beach or on mountains, these weddings often have a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Choosing the Destination:
Choose a location that holds significance for the couple or offers a dream setting. Do consider the weather, accessibility, and legal requirements of the destination.

Save the dates invitation:
Send save-the-date cards well in advance to allow guests to plan and make travel arrangements. Include information about the destination, travel tips, and accommodation options.

Travel & Accomodation:
Negotiate group travel rates with airlines for guests. Provide information on travel options and local transportation.
Reserve room blocks at hotels or resorts for guests including a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets.

Activities & Entertainment:
Plan pre-wedding activities such as welcome parties, excursions, or group outings. Provide a list of local attractions and activities for guests.
Incorporate local musicians, dancers, or entertainment for a cultural touch. Must ensure entertainment aligns with the destination's vibe.

Weather contingency:
Have backup plans for outdoor events in case of unexpected weather. Ensure guests are aware of contingency plans.

Create a wedding website with detailed information about the destination, travel, and event details including FAQs and contact information for inquiries.
Keep guests informed through regular updates, newsletters, or social media groups. Provide a point of contact for destination-specific queries.

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